Child Support Calculations in Arizona

March 31st, 2014|

Child support calculations in Arizona are governed by the Arizona Child Support Guidelines.   [...]

Garnishment of Wages for Support

January 30th, 2014|

1.  Wage Garnishment Required by Law in Child Support Cases.  In Arizona child support [...]

Timing is Everything in Child Support Modification Cases

July 16th, 2013|

When it comes to Arizona child support modifications, timing is everything.  Child support is always […]

Accountability Court and Enforcement of Child Support Obligations

November 10th, 2011|

I don’t like the term “deadbeat dad.”  Both dads and moms can be ordered to […]

Post-Minority Child Support

October 12th, 2011|

Normally, child support terminates when a child turns eighteen years old.  If a child [...]

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    Simplified Child Support Modifications — Not Always Simple

Simplified Child Support Modifications — Not Always Simple

August 23rd, 2011|

Section 24 of the Arizona Child Support Guidelines addresses modifications of child support, with Subsection […]

New Child Support Guidelines Now in Effect

June 8th, 2011|

The new Arizona Child Support Guidelines are now in effect. The new Guidelines apply [...]

Attributed Income in Child Support Calculations

March 21st, 2011|

In a child support establishment or modification case, the parents’ incomes are a significant factor […]

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

February 21st, 2011|

I recently posted about timing of initiating an action to collect child support arrearages. This […]

Collecting Child Support Arrearages

February 16th, 2011|

The topic of collecting child support arrearages is a broad one, and I can’t fully […]