What does “family law” mean?   Some people naturally assume that a “family law” attorney, like a family doctor, does a little bit of everything and can take care of any of your legal needs, be it a will, a bankruptcy or a personal injury case.  When people hear the name of my law firm, “Scoresby Family Law”, they sometimes think I must practice law with a sibling or with one of my adult children.

In fact, a family law attorney is an attorney who practices in the law of family relationships.  At the front end, this may include doing a premarital agreement for someone who is about to be married.  Most often, however, family law lawyers are involved when family relationships unravel.

Family law lawyers represent people whose marriages are ending in divorce, and divorce cases are probably the most common cases family law lawyers handle.  But family law lawyers are more than just “divorce” lawyers.   When a child is born out of wedlock and the parents do not stay together, a family law lawyer can represent the father or mother in a paternity case.  The issues in a paternity case–or in a divorce involving minor children–include establishing child custody, parenting time and child support.

Within a divorce case there may be complex financial issues, including division of real estate, retirement and other financial accounts, and other assets.  One spouse may be seeking spousal maintenance (alimony).  Family law lawyers handle these issues in connection with representing clients in a divorces.

After a paternity case or a divorce with children is finalized, child custody or child support may need to be modified or enforced.  After a divorce one party may not comply with court orders regarding the disposition of certain assets or the payment of certain obligations.  Family lawyers handle all these these issues.  Family law lawyers may also handle grandparent visitation cases.

If you have a family law case, Scoresby Family Law can help.

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