Arizona Attorney Pursuing Fair and Appropriate Parenting Plans

Are you concerned that your ex is going to try to restrict your time with your children or pursue more parenting time than you believe is healthy? If so, you should consult a lawyer to discuss your rights and responsibilities under Arizona child custody (now, legal decision making) law.

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Understanding How Parenting Time Is Determined

“Child custody” and “visitation” are the traditional terms for what is now, in Arizona, referred to as parenting time. Typically, in a divorce or paternity case, parenting time will be split between the parents in accordance with a parenting plan.

The family courts consider several factors when making parenting time determinations or approving parenting plan arrangements, including:

  • Are both of the parents capable of raising and caring for the child?
  • How much room is there in the parents’ schedules for child care responsibilities?
  • Does either parent have a history of substance abuse or domestic violence?
  • Does either parent have a new relationship with someone who is a bad influence?

The focus here is always on the best interests of the child rather than punishing or rewarding the parents. Any problems that may exist between the parents — including infidelity or mismanagement of funds — very rarely have an impact on child custody determination.

Setting Up Structures for Joint Decision Making

A separate issue from parenting time is legal custody or decision making over the child, which is the authority to participate in decisions about things like education, health care and religious upbringing. Barring serious substance abuse or domestic violence concerns, legal custody is usually shared jointly.

Many legal custody orders and settlements include mechanisms for resolving disputes, such as mediation or the involvement of a psychologist or other expert as a parenting coordinator. This can be a good way to prevent parents and children from returning to court repeatedly.

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