Assisting With Child Custody and Support Modification or Enforcement

With the economy in turmoil and many parents under stress, modification and enforcement of family law decrees — in particular, child custody and child support orders — are increasingly prominent issues.

Kyle Scoresby is a Mesa and Scottsdale child support and child custody modification attorney and has devoted his practice exclusively to divorce and family law since 1992. He and his staff at Scoresby Family Law and Scottsdale Family Law have guided many clients through modification and enforcement cases. Contact our offices to schedule a consultation.

Understanding Reasons for Modification

As children grow up, their needs change, and their parents’ abilities to meet those needs may change as well. For those reasons, child custody and support orders are open to modification after they have been issued by the family court.

  • Parenting time can be modified when the original parenting plan is no longer in the child’s best interests. For instance, as a child gets older, a more equal division of parenting time may be appropriate. Changing work schedules may also require new parenting time schedules, and substance abuse or domestic violence can make one parent unfit for unsupervised visits.
  • Child support can be modified when there has been a significant change to one of the factors in the child support formula. For instance, one parent may have lost a job, or there may be multiple children in an order and one may no longer be covered by the order.

You may be tempted to reach an informal agreement with your child’s other parent about modification of child custody and/or child support. Agreements that are not approved by the court, however, are not binding and cannot be enforced.

Mr. Scoresby can help you pursue a child custody or child support modification order that will set out your and your child’s rights to ensure that they will be enforced in the future.

Vigorously Pursuing Enforcement Options

Divorce decree enforcement occurs through the courts if one parent is not complying with the Court orders. I can explain the options that are available for enforcing a child support or spousal maintenance order, help you decide which strategy to follow and aggressively represent you in any court proceedings which may be necessary.

Child support enforcement, in particular, is an area in which there are several enforcement options including contempt of court. Mr. Scoresby is experienced at helping clients navigate the system to accurately calculate and collect unpaid child support arrearages, including interest.

Learn About Your Modification or Enforcement Options

To discuss your child custody and support modification and enforcement goals with an experienced and aggressive Arizona family lawyer, contact us today.