Representing Parents in Child Relocation Cases

The goal of Arizona family law, whenever possible, is to maintain children’s relationships with both of their parents, even when the parents are no longer together. This can be particularly complicated when one parent seeks to move out of state with the children while the other remains in Arizona.

Kyle Scoresby is an experienced divorce and family law attorney. He and his staff at Scoresby Family Law in Mesa and Scottsdale Family Law in North Scottsdale regularly assist parents in child relocation cases. If you are looking for a knowledgeable lawyer to explain your options, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Understanding Child Relocation Laws

In Arizona, child custody, or more currently “legal decision-making”, and parenting time orders are based on the presumption that the child is going to remain within the state, and they typically contain language to that effect. One of the child’s parents, however, may wish to relocate, often due to a job transfer.

If you are planning a relocation out of state and want to take your child with you, and if he or she is covered by a child custody order, you will likely need to get permission from the court. Contact our offices to discuss your specific case.

The burden is generally on the parent seeking to move with the child. The relocating parent must typically demonstrate that relocation is in the child’s best interests. It is not easy to get this kind of permission, especially if the child’s other parent remains active in his or her life.

Protecting Your Interests as a Parent

Attorney Kyle Scoresby represents parents seeking permission for child relocation as well as parents who are opposed to having their children relocated. He is familiar with the law in this area and experienced at advocating for his clients’ positions.

If your child does end up relocating out of state, he is also experienced at seeking modification of parenting plans so that the parent who remains in Arizona can continue to play a meaningful role in the child’s life to the greatest extent possible.

To learn more about your rights and your child’s rights when it comes to parental relocation, don’t hesitate to contact our offices.