“I cannot express how much trust our family has in Kyle and his expertise in handling family law cases. Kyle was my parents attorney after my sister passed away and my parents sought custody of my niece as it was not in her best interest to be with her father. Grandparent custody cases are very difficult to win and my parents did with Kyle’s help. It was a very difficult case and Kyle and his staff were professional and empathetic every step of the way.

Kyle was also my divorce attorney when my marriage ended. His counsel was priceless. Things that would never have occurred to me were brought to my attention. His expertise in crafting a parenting plan is a blessing to myself and my children daily. Having those things in a legal document put an end to arguments. It is all addressed and decided on already.

Kyle does not promise things he cannot deliver on and helped us to have realistic expectations throughout our court cases.

Kyle handled our cases not only with legal expertise but also with integrity. The opposing counsel in my nieces custody case was horrible and ugly in presenting their case. While we certainly had the ammunition to return fire, Kyle never did. He always presented our case with integrity and a calmness in knowing the judgments we sought were right and there was no need in mudslinging while in court. We only needed to present the facts. His integrity gave us even more confidence in his ability to represent us well.

His office staff is excellent and made us all very comfortable when dealing with such hard situations.

I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Kyle as a family attorney and now years later our family considers him a friend.”

Kim Wresh

“I hired Scoresby Family Law Firm in September of 2011 to handle my divorce case and I count it as one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Mr. Scoresby and his paralegal Sylvia ensured that I was informed of every aspect of my case. If their office received a communication from the opposing attorney, I had an email with an attached scanned in copy of the communication the same day. When I had a question, they responded, often times within an hour of my initial question. Sylvia, the paralegal, pays attention to detail in her responses. I would ask a general question and her response would cover all of the bases and include other items that I had not previously considered. It wasn’t uncommon to get an email from her late at night or over the weekend after I had asked a question after business hours. When I was told that specific documentation would be drafted for my review by a certain time, it was sent to me as promised. Because of their responsiveness and feedback, my anxiety about the case and proceedings was greatly reduced.

They were proactive in the case as well. They didn’t assume anything and they ensured that I completely understood the proceedings and available options before planning a path forward. I was an active part of the strategy and they always requested my input before going forward.

You would think that this sort of service would cost a lot, but many of the items which appeared on my invoice I was not billed for. When I got my first bill, my jaw dropped. I had hired Mr. Scoresby after a horrible experience with another attorney and given all of the work that had been done, I expected the bill to be high. It wasn’t. I think the reason I received such incredible value is because Mr. Scoresby runs an efficient, organized office with processes in place to ensure clients stay informed. You may not think this is important when hiring an attorney, but trust me, it is.

I highly recommend this attorney and his paralegal Sylvia. Hiring them made all the difference in my case.”


“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great and professional services to get me through this turbulent time in my life. Thanks to you, my daughter and I have a meaningful relationship and time together. I wish you all the best.”

“My lawyer, Kyle Scoresby, is a great lawyer. He helped my situation and case when no one else would. Without him, I don’t know where I would be now. I am thankful for his involvement in my case. He is understanding, caring and took the time, effort and case to heart. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to represent me.”

Valerie C.

“I never thought I would need a divorce attorney, but I am so glad I found you, and your firm. You were very helpful with guiding me through the process, and your staff was fantastic. From your receptionist, to your paralegals, especially Sylvia, I was 100% confident that my case was handled with the utmost care. Every deadline and requirement was met and explained to me, which was very helpful. I have recommended a few clients to your firm, and feel most comfortable referring more.”

Pam R.

“We would like to thank Kyle and his staff for the wonderful job they did for our family. Kyle and his staff were very professional and helped us with several different issues, first a custody modification and later an adoption. We came to Kyle in a very stressful part of our family’s life, and we were immediately impressed with Kyle’s professionalism and his caring, no-nonsense approach. Now that our case is closed, we can’t thank Kyle and his staff enough for the way they handled our case. They always looked out for our family’s best interest. They always returned our calls in a timely manner and answered any questions that we had. Again, words cannot express our gratitude to Kyle and his staff. Thanks again.”

Jeff, Theresa, Kevin & Kolton L.

“We cannot say how strongly we recommend using Scoresby Family Law to offer counsel and representation. Our case was very difficult as we are grandparents who sought custody of our granddaughter after our daughter passed away unexpectedly. Mr. Scoresby’s office was professional in all of our dealings from beginning to to the successful finish of our custody trial. Mr. Scoresby kept us well informed and we were well informed of what to expect. The office staff is exceptional and Mr. Scoresby’s Paralegal, Janet, is an amazing person to deal with. We are forever grateful for their help in obtaining custody of our granddaughter.”

Klein and Margaret A.

“Kyle, I am so grateful that you were highly recommended to me by two other attorneys for my child support case. By the time I came to see you, I had worn myself out emotionally from fighting a condescending and irritating opponent who was always ready to throw emotional punches. I was so relieved that, literally, within a few minutes of meeting you, I was confident that you were sharp, determined, organized, and a true go-getter who would pull no punches and cut straight down into the heart of the matter without wasting time or energy. You were exactly the right man to diplomatically handle yet emphatically defend my position no matter how twisted or dark the road got and, ultimately, very quickly achieve exactly the conclusion I hoped for, at little emotional expense to me. Your support staff was wonderful. I especially appreciated having one support person dedicated to me whose face I remembered each time I spoke with her on the phone for the frequent updates or occasional questions. The quality and timeliness of the communication from your office was extremely impressive, as was the ability to view documents via email without a lot of back and forth mailing. I feel that you respected my time and my family and, without a doubt, exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much.”

Katrina B.

“I want to take time out to thank Kyle Scoresby and his awesome team who provided complete support in handling my divorce case. I had previously met with four other attorneys to assess who I felt would appropriately represent me. It was all about the money; it made me feel like I lost before the case even got started. However, Kyle Scoresby and his staff made this about me. I have to say this was the most stressful journey I have ever experienced in my life. I needed an attorney and a team who I knew would be ethical, trustworthy and would represent me faithfully. Kyle and his staff did exactly that. I can’t thank them enough for standing behind me and guiding me through the entire process.

I would highly recommend Kyle and his team for whatever legal needs you may have.”

Joe R.

“Thank you again Kyle and the team for a great job on obtaining a successful divorce settlement for me. I truly appreciate your persistence and skill in getting the best result possible. Kyle, you did an excellent job representing me!”

Paul S.

Once again, I thank you for everything you did to help me navigate through such a rough time. Not only your legal counsel, but also your thoughtfulness. It was all very much appreciated!
Thank you, again!”
Janine N.

I just wanted to say one more time how thankful I am for all your hard work, advocacy and compassion on my behalf. It’s been a rough year, but having you there to help me navigate this was priceless!
Thank you, again!”
Janine N.

“Dear Lyndsey,

Thank you for all of your help, hard work and care during my divorce case.  You have been amazing and made this difficult experience easier to deal with.  I can’t thank you enough!”

Carrie Tilley

“I have known Kyle for nearly 20 years and have referred dozens of clients to him and have never had one be unhappy.  Kyle is the rare family law lawyer who is both extremely competent and knowledgeable and extremely ethical and honest.  I would recommend him to anyone who needs the best in family law representation.”

Allen Merrill, Owner, Legal Solutions