Videos On Family Law Topics

What is “Family Law?”

“Family Law is the law of family relationships.”

Enforcement of Orders

“Once you have a judgment or a decree entered, sometimes one of the parties does not comply with the Court orders.”

Divorce – Where do I Start?

“Many clients come into my office and they just don’t even know where to start when they want a divorce.”

Parenting Conferences

“I really like these evaluations, particularly when I’m representing a client who is seeking equal time with the children.”


Changes to Parenting Coordinator Rules

“Under the new Rule 74, a parenting coordinator can only be put in place if both parties agree.”



Omitted Assets

“Whenever an asset is left out of a divorce decree…that asset…continues to be owned by both parties.”

Freezing Accounts

At the beginning of a divorce clients are “worried that the spouse is going to drain the bank accounts.”

Third Party Custody/Visitation

“The child has to have essentially lived with that person for some length of time and treated them as a parent.”

Reimbursement Spousal Maintenance

“…there’s one of the provisions that’s not based on need, and under that provision of the statute it’s possible for a spouse to seek reimbursement spousal maintenance.”

Setting Aside Divorce Decree

“You have a 15 day deadline to seek a new trial or to try to alter or amend the divorce decree.”

Temporary Orders

“Divorce cases can take sometimes a year or more from start to finish…it’s very difficult sometimes for people to get through that whole year without some temporary support or…court orders.”

Grandparent Visitation

“There are some instances where it would be appropriate for a grandparent to seek visitation with a grandchild.”

Representation of Children

Often clients going through child custody cases say that “their child needs to be heard and they want someone to stand up for their child.”

What Does “No Fault” Divorce Mean?

“You don’t have to have grounds to get a divorce in Arizona.”

Preliminary Injunction

The Preliminary Injunction is “a court order that automatically goes into effect at the beginning of every divorce case and it prohibits certain actions by both spouses.”

Division of Assets Illustrated

“…and remember, it’s only the community property that gets divided…”

Restoration of Former Name

“It’s really a good idea, if a woman wants to go back to a former name, to do it as part of a divorce case.”

Legal Separation

“A legal separation is not a precursor to a divorce.”

Consider Tax Consequences

“Not all assets are equal…tax deferred assets are not equal to after-tax assets.”

Basic Steps to Divide Assets

“The client can provide us valuable information…because they have personal knowledge of what assets the parties own.”


“Annulments are far different than divorces in Arizona.”

Relocation with Children

“A lot of time people want to move with their children to a different state … very difficult to do in Arizona.”

Interstate Jurisdiction

“One of the things that is really misunderstood by a lot of people, even lawyers, is the jurisdictional requirements that govern Arizona divorce cases.”

Spousal Maintenance

“It is available in Arizona.  It’s typically given when the parties have a longer marriage…and is also usually limited to situations where there is a big disparity in the spouses’ incomes.”

Child Support

“In any family law case that involves children, whether it’s a paternity case or a divorce case with children, child support is one of the most important issues in that case.”

Debt Allocation and Creditors Rights

“Most people that begin a divorce case have debts; debts that need to be allocated to one spouse or the other in the final divorce decree.”

Keeping Legal Fees Down

“Whenever a client comes in we talk about how to keep the fees down.”

Premarital Agreements in Arizona

“It’s important, I think, when you’ve accumulated some assets and are going into a second marriage that you get a prenuptial agreement to protect yourself.”

Parenting Coordinators

“A parenting coordinator is a neutral third party, usually a lawyer or a psychologist, that is sort of on standby in a case to help parents when they run into disputes over their children.”


“Marriage is on the decline in this country.  We’re seeing more and more people who are having children out of wedlock.”