Going through a divorce or any other family law matter or issue is probably one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life.  The last thing you need is to worry about whether you are being properly represented – or whether you should have an attorney at all.

Lawyers have a bad reputation.  There are tons of jokes at their expense.  But just like any profession – there are good attorneys, and there are bad attorneys.  At Scoresby Family Law, we genuinely feel we fall into the “good” category.  Family Law Attorney Kyle Scoresby has over 25 years of experience handling divorce and other family law cases.  He appreciates the emotional struggle each and every one of his clients is going through – and the difficult process involved.  It is his goal to make the experience as pleasant and stress free as possible.  He wants his clients to feel comfortable and confident knowing he is on their side.

One of the chief complaints he has heard from clients who have come to him over the years from other attorneys’ offices is that they feel uninformed or left out of the loop.  It is the policy of Scoresby Family Law that every client be kept informed as to the progress of their case.  Every client receives copies of every document that comes into and goes out of the office.  Mr. Scoresby’s paralegals keep close contact with each client, and Mr. Scoresby works hard to make sure his clients understand the legal process so that no client feels uniformed or overwhelmed.

Mr. Scoresby’s goal is to get his clients’ cases resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible so that his clients do not have to spend an exorbitant amount of attorney fees and court costs.  Every case is different, and it is important that every client feel adequately represented.

At the end of each and every case he handles, Mr. Scoresby wants his client to feel that Mr. Scoresby has done his very best to advocate and represent the client to the best of his ability – getting each client the best outcome possible – whether through settlement or litigation.  It is also his hope that his clients are able to sleep well at night knowing they have retained an experienced and professional attorney to represent their best interests.