Representing Your Interests in Alimony Decisions

Under Arizona law, spousal maintenance — sometimes known as alimony — is a regular payment made by one party to another during and after divorce. Determining whether spousal maintenance will be granted — and if so, how much — is a separate process from property division.

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Determining Whether One Spouse Deserves Alimony

Determining whether spousal maintenance will be granted is one of the most difficult things to predict in a divorce case. Whether you are interested in receiving spousal maintenance or minimizing your obligation to pay it, Kyle Scoresby will work with you to gather all the necessary information to make your case.

There are many factors that affect whether one party is entitled to alimony. The major factors are the disparity in the parties’ earnings and the length of the marriage.

Generally, the longer a couple is married and the greater the disparity between their incomes, the more likely a court will grant spousal maintenance to the spouse who earns less. This may also be more likely if the lesser-earning spouse takes on significant household or child care duties.

Understanding the Reasons for Spousal Maintenance

In most cases, the purpose of spousal maintenance is rehabilitative: to support lesser-earning spouses financially while they improve their job skills or get more education. Spousal maintenance is generally for a limited time, but in some cases it may be awarded for an indefinite duration, subject to being modified or terminated later when circumstances change.

In some cases — such as where one spouse has worked for years to put the other spouse through school — alimony may be considered a form of reimbursement.

Spousal maintenance is a complex and evolving concept, and the outcome of a spousal maintenance case in court is difficult to predict. Contact us to discuss what you can expect in your particular case.