An Experienced Family Law Advocate

Family law is a complex legal practice area involving many overlapping topics, including but not limited to divorce. Attorney Kyle Scoresby has been practicing as a family law attorney since 1992. Contact him and his staff at Scoresby Family Law in Scottsdale and Mesa to schedule a consultation about any of the following issues:

  • The divorce process: We strive to effectively respond to clients’ questions about what to expect in their divorce cases.
  • Divorce mediation: Mediation is an effective means of achieving a settlement in some cases. We can discuss your options.
  • Same-sex divorce: Mr. Scoresby offers the finest representation to all of his clients, regardless of their sexual orientation.
  • Property and debt division: We assist clients with the division of assets and debts under Arizona community property law.
  • Spousal maintenance/alimony: We will evaluate your divorce case to determine whether one spouse may be entitled to alimony.
  • Child custody (legal decision-making) and parenting time: We will advocate for your preferred division of parenting time, as well as other parental rights and responsibilities.
  • Grandparents’ rights: Grandparents have certain rights when it comes to custody of and visitation with their grandchildren.
  • Relocation with children: If you want to move out of state with your child, you may need approval from the family court.
  • Child support: We are experienced with the investigation, calculation and establishment of child support obligations.
  • Protective orders and domestic violence: We represent people who have been abused and people accused of domestic abuse.
  • Modification and enforcement of orders: We assist clients with modification and enforcement of child custody and support decrees.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: We represent clients who are interested in drafting marital property agreements.
  • Paternity: If your child was born out of wedlock, a paternity action may be necessary to establish child custody and support.
  • Legal separation: If you are interested in separating without divorcing, we can counsel you on your options.
  • Interstate family law cases: Modifying and enforcing family law judgments across state lines may require special attention.
  • Cohabitant property division: When a relationship outside of marriage comes to an end, the parties may have rights to property under Arizona partnership law.
  • Stepparent adoption: We handle cases where one of a child’s parents is out of the picture and a stepparent wishes to gain full parental rights in that person’s place.

If you are looking for an experienced family law attorney who will give personal attention to your case, don’t hesitate to contact us.