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Grandparents’ rights is a topic that has gotten a great deal of attention in recent years from the courts and the media. Sorting out what rights you actually have as a grandparent can be complex and may require the attention of an experienced lawyer.

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Seeking Visitation Rights? We Can Help.

Arizona is one of several states where grandparents have gained certain legal visitation rights with respect to their grandchildren. There are, however, some significant limits on those rights.

In particular, if your child has died, or if he or she has lost parenting time rights due to substance abuse or other issues, you may need to go to court to get a visitation order.

The same may be true if your own child is trying to prevent you from seeing your grandchildren, particularly if you have played a role in their lives in the past.

This is an evolving area of law, with new developments occurring regularly. I am familiar with the latest changes affecting Arizona grandparents’ rights law.

Raising Your Grandchildren? Get Legal Custody (Decision-Making).

In some cases, grandparents have taken on primary responsibility for raising their grandchildren because their parents are absent or unable to care for them. Later, the children’s parents may come back into the picture and try to take them away from the grandparents.

If you have formed the sort of relationship with your grandchildren that would normally exist between a parent and child, you may be able to successfully argue for custody.

Mr. Scoresby is prepared to evaluate all options grandparents have in Arizona for asserting their rights. Contact our offices to learn more.