Get the Legal Representation You Need

Family law is an area that affects people from all walks of life, including people who have never hired attorneys before. It also involves deeply personal issues that many people want to get through quickly, without stress.

For these reasons, many people wonder whether it is possible to file for divorce or address other family law issues without legal representation. The short answer is yes. However, you may be putting yourself at a serious disadvantage without a lawyer.

Arizona attorney J. Kyle Scoresby’s practice is based on more than 25 years of experience.  He firmly believes that if you have a divorce or family law issue, it is important to consult a lawyer, whether you end up contacting him or someone else.

Shape and Pursue Your Goals Effectively

There are several reasons why you need an attorney to protect your rights and interests in your divorce or family law case.

  • You may know what results you want but not how to argue for those results in terms of Arizona law. For instance, you may want custody of your children, but you may not know the legal standards that apply.
  • You may not know what results to pursue, because you may be unsure what you are legally entitled to. For instance, you may not know whether you legally deserve alimony.
  • You may have reached an agreement with the other party, but you may not know how to implement that agreement. For instance, you may not be sure how to carry out the division of certain property, like retirement accounts.

Retaining a lawyer can help you address these issues. An experienced attorney knows how to investigate the facts and pursue your goals within the law.

Keep Yourself on an Even Footing

If your spouse or another party involved in your case has an attorney, that is all the more reason why you need your own lawyer to protect your rights.

Ethically, a lawyer hired by one person must represent only that person’s interests. Even if the other party’s lawyer seems helpful and dedicated to a fair settlement, he or she cannot advise you on whether you are giving up any important rights.

If you need an attorney to advise you on your divorce or any other family law issue, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Scoresby and his staff at our offices in Mesa and Scottsdale.